Your Healthy spine

Your Healthy Spine

Our vertebrae in our spine are separated by tough gel filled discs that absorb shock and separate the small bones of our vertebrae from rubbing on one another.


a Healthy Disc

But…..Did you know that after the first 20 years of your life these very important structures no longer receive a direct blood supply to help them remain effective cushions?

So how can you keep your back healthy and limber you may ask? Think of your discs like little sponges, absorbing fluids and nutrition when pressed and released.

This process can be accomplished through the practice of Yoga postures,  moving the spine safely through all planes – forward, backward, sideways and in rotation as a means of maintaining healthy discs along with flexibility and mobility of your spine.

For anyone who has ever suffered from back pain, you know how the state of your spine can affect your everyday activities, so be sure to include yoga in your routine so you can keep doing all the things you love to do!