The Studio

The Pure Awareness Studio with cork floor, 5 windows for lots of natural light, as well as candles for evening practice, can hold up to 23 students. It is equipped with an assortment of props to customize the yoga experience to meet the needs of each student and all types of practice. It also has a transition room to house all your personal belongings so they can be safely out of the way while you practice.

classes, retreats, workshops or meetings

With it’s calming decor and natural light, the studio lends itself to a balanced energy for yoga, meditation, workshops, meetings or any other activities you may have planned.

Outdoor Spaces

Plenty of room to practice in our outdoor spaces, with feet on terra firma and eyes gazing at the blue skies above, you can’t help but let the heart soar.

Meditation Hill

Perfect for sunrise or sunset meditations, Meditation Hill is the highest point on the property that offers a clear view of early morning or evening light