A couple of years ago I taught a week of classes that focused on wellness and finished the week off with a Wellness workshop that included a presentation by a holistic practitioner. Near the end of the workshop, this tiny little guy in the picture serendipitously, showed up, just sitting in the driveway calmly, and allowed himself to be picked up. It was a very unusual event, and I have never before seen a pygmy owl in our area, much less one just sitting in front of my house waiting to be discovered. I couldn’t help feeling somewhere deep inside myself, this was significant; not just a random happening. There surely must be a deeper meaning to such a rare and special occurrence with such perfect timing. His calm demeanor, and piercing all knowing eyes seemed to look at us and say,

I hope you all are getting why I am here! I am trying to tell you something!”

So I decided to do a little searching to piece all my random thoughts together,and this particular line,from one site about owls, really spoke to me:

“Those eyes that seem to hold the knowledge and the insight of the whole of nature as though looking into his eyes you could see the infinity of the universe.”

In fact “knowledge” & “Wisdom” were the common denominators of my searching- “transformation” being another significant symbolism that this little guy represents.

Here is another quote from my search, which I thought seemed quite fitting for the occasion: “The owl sees in the darkness what others cannot see. If this sign appears for you, you are being given the gift of being able to see and perceive the truth. You will gain the ability to see clearly where things may seem dark. Your insights will be keen, and the transformations around you will be profound.”

So what does it all mean? Perhaps it was a symbol meant to remind us that we all have this ability. If only we take the time to draw our attention to it.

After a week of focusing on Wellness of our bodies, our minds, and our spirits, and discussing how the disconnect between these parts of ourselves can also bring about “UNwellness”, I think maybe our little feathered friend really did have something important to tell us… Perhaps his message was a reminder that each and every one of us has an innate “Wisdom.” That if we take a moment to slow down, to breath, to take a closer look into that darkness within, we can hear what our bodies are trying to tell us. We can unravel the truth that is within our own heart, and if we just allow it, wehave the power to create transformation, to find our balance and also our wellness within.