The first time I stepped on a paddleboard, I’ll admit, I had no idea what I was doing. I just decided that I wanted to do it, went out and bought a board without a lot of research (ok, with no research) took it down to Twin Lakes and jumped on. You are probably expecting me to say that I loved it the moment I stepped on my board, but instead, to be honest, I was a little shaky. I even had thoughts that perhaps I had made a mistake in thinking I could be good at this! But, determined to persevere, by the time I made it to the other side of the lake, I had started noticing the water lilies in bloom, the beautiful smell of the evergreens along the shore, and the view of the flora beneath the crystal clear water. The view was completely different from my previous Kayaking experiences, and I noticed I could see things beneath the surface of the water from this new standing position that I had never seen while seated in a kayak or swimming in the water. It seemed as though there was a whole world beneath my feet that I had never seen before.


I really did feel as though I was “walking on water.”

My board skimmed the surface of the water, moving smoothly along, as I enjoyed the sights from my new vantage point. I began to relax, and stopped gripping my board with my feet and decided this was a good thing, no, a great thing….

Although I may have lost the first-time jitters since then, the sense of wonder I feel every time I head out on the lake for a paddle and see that whole other world beneath my feet as I silently glide out across the water never gets old. Come check it out sometime and experience the sensation of walking on water for yourself.