Yesterday, was a rainy, rather gloomy morning and as we began our trail walk, we were confronted with a rather large water obstacle.

Flooded train in Fauna Forest

We had never encountered this much water here before, and it left us no choice but to give up the original direction of our journey and give up the walk, or find a new way.

We choice to follow a deer trail into the forest instead. We could have chosen to be frustrated by the brambles of thorny, rose bush, and raspberry bush that poked and grabbed us as we made our way on this new path. We could have turned back when we encountered difficult terrain of deadfall, and hidden logs beneath the forest floor that set us off balance. But instead, curiosity, exploration and discovery led us forward, not really worrying about a destination, or “getting” anywhere, we wandered this new terrain.


Because we were forced out of our comfort zone by nature, we received the gift of new discoveries, and inspite of the wet and gloomy day, we found these magical places and bright spots in the forest we had not seen before. 

Nature’s lessons, and our life lessons really are a reflection of each other. To me that morning represented everything we have been presented globally as a human race.  She has laid an obstacle before us, to stop us from doing what we always do. She has forced us to either find a new way, or give up and be angry and lay blame, and lament the old path we were on, and be frustrated by being deterred from our destination.  Or, we can choose to explore a new way of being, of letting curiosity lead us to new discoveries, of stoking our creativity, and letting go of the destination so that we can take time to enjoy this journey we are all on called life. 

As we prepare to begin to move outward once again, to return to “normal,” I ask you to ponder these questions; 

  1. What have you learned during this time of being forced to find new ways of doing things?
  2. What experiences are you grateful for over these past 8 weeks?
  3. What have you discovered about yourself?
  4. What are you willing NOT to do as we move back into our societal ways of doing things?