The full moon has always been an auspicious time for me, and winter moons are particularly special. With the earth covered in snow, the illumination is amplified, and millions of silvery snowflakes sparkle with an enchanted beauty. Your view of the landscape becomes something very different, something mystical, and we are reminded of a power much greater than ourselves. 

Silvery sparkles beneath the moon

As I watched the moon waxing to it’s fullest a few days prior, I had already decided that I was going to do my own private Cacao Ceremony to pay homage to my journey, along side that of the moon.
One quiet sunny afternoon, as I trekked into the circle of trees, it clicked that this would be where I would do it… under the light of the full moon surrounded by forest, in the Circle of Trees.

the Circle of Trees

I arrived home from a trip to Edmonton, just as the moon was rising, huge and spectacular. I was tired, and had a passing thought of “maybe just seeing the full moon on the drive on the way home is enough?” 

Copper, ever the wise one, in his exuberance to be outside, let me push that thought aside, and get ready for our night adventure.

This was my first time preparing my cacao from scratch, and it was very special, to grate it as I thought about the earth that had nurtured it, the hands that had gathered and prepared this plant medicine to be part of what I was about to embark on on the other side of the planet.

Raw Ceremonial Cacao from the Ashaninka Tribe of Peru

As Copper & I headed outside on snowshoe into the forest, I was in awe of the breathtaking beauty, and felt a sense of adventure to be headed out in the woods alone in the dark. I felt the full essence of smile in my entire being, as we went from the brilliance of the open terrain to the shadows of the forest. 

We sat in the moonlight between the trees soaking up the captivating qualities of this spectacle before us. I felt free of the worries of the world, free of my ever present self consciousness, as I spoke my thoughts, my gratitude, and my intentions out loud. The moon shifted and changed so quickly just as our own thoughts and emotions shift and change constantly.

We sat in stillness and silence, the sounds of the forest and it’s inhabitants around us, while I drank the cacao & drew a card.  I found this one to be so perfect to all I was feeling in that moment. 

Animal Wisdom

Representing wisdom and intuition, guiding me to understand the whole not just the parts. Of being informed by messages being received from all directions bringing clarity.

I felt a peaceful oneness with nature and earth in that moment, as I lay on my back in the snow after drinking the cacao, gazing up the the tree tops and the stars above. I even thought (crazy as it sounds) that even if a cougar appeared from the shadows beyond us, I would be safe, without need for fear. That we were part of our surroundings, not separate from them.

All in all, it was a captivating experience that left me feeling connected to my true self. I felt adventurous and spontaneous, free of societal expectations. Afterall, what 58 year old women goes out into the forest and lays in the snow in the dark! I guess the answer to that would be “this one”, and I couldn’t have felt more joyous doing it!

Although I couldn’t capture the essence of the experience in any of the photos, they serve as a reminder to me, to experience life fully everyday. To not let expectations of others or society dictate what I choose to do on a daily basis. To take time to inhale the beauty and wonder of this amazing life we have been gifted. 

Copper leading the way home…