Full Moon Ceremony
Full Moon Ceremony

What is it about creating ceremony that is so special?

Well, Ceremony is the vehicle for creating change really. In simpler terms, it is a way to put your heart and mind into a special task and stay focused on your intentions while you are creating your special ceremony. 

The phases of the moon are a really easy way to be reminded of something greater than ourselves, and using the full moon and the new moon as times to create your own special ritual, provide auspicious markers to do so.

Last full moon, if you read the last blog, I did a cocoa ceremony in the forest under the full moon, and it was a wonderful experience. This Full Moon, I had the intention to do the same, however the day before, as I walked through the forest, I was moved to do something different. I wanted to honour the earth and my intentions during this special time when the planet, and so many are in need of healing.

gifts to the earth
natural gatherings of gratitude

 The despacho is a gift and an energetic exchange for healing. It is the principle that what we put out into the world as we honour the earth and send gratitude and healing, that we do so with reciprocity – What we put out, we receive back. This is one of the organizing principles of the universe.

Each item of offering represents a prayer and a gift of power that sparks the momentum for energy shifts and healing.

I started by gathering items that symbolized something to me. Not by a book or what I was told, but what had meaning to me. I did look up what they symbolized later out of curiosity, but at the time, it was just a feeling.

From the land


Oak leaves that represent ancient wisdom, strength and longevity.
Paper from the Birch to represent adaptability, & renewal. 
Golden Willow  to represent the ability to bend and withstand challenges. Pine for wisdom, medicine and peace.
Spruce for peace, protection and good luck
Grasses that symbolize growth and expansion
Fireweed for regeneration and renewed growth & transformation
Yarrow for healing and inspiration
Wild clematis to represent the intertwining of all beings. Also represents ingenuity.
Cedar for peaceful thoughts and interpreting messages from within self
Pine cones which is the symbol of growth and enlightenment, and holds sacred geometry 
Rose hips for health, wealth and prosperity
Moss for gentleness, softness, patience and the magic of the forest

From my greenhouse

Rosemary for release & purification but also for memory
Begonia flower to represent beauty in nature, but they are also said to represent peace and harmony

From my pantry….

Pantry gatherings

Rice for nourishment and sustenance 
Quinoa is the Golden grain of the Incas and a sacred food plant
Moong beans for prosperity
Cloves  for good luck, prosperity, fire and the masculine energy
Cinnamon to raise spiritual vibrations

I folded some wrapping paper in thirds in both directions that had the colours of the upper chakras which felt right. 
I lined it with my owl paper placemat that seemed to say “wisdom”

Wise old Owls

and I began to layer my items, breathing my intentions into the gifts I placed in my paper. 

It was mindful and focused but also felt creative, and when I was done it was a beautiful gift to the earth and the universe!

I took it out to the circle of trees and built a fire to burn my gift and released my gift to be carried from the earth, through fire, and into the air and to the skies above. It felt really special as I watched the smoke swirl and shift and be carried away, taking my thoughts, gratitude & intentions all across this earth.

I stayed until the fire burned out and then walked back home with Copper, past my prayer flags, with a smile on my face and a lightness in my heart. 

Prayer Flags to the Circle of Trees

I got into the tub feeling very happy, and then out of nowhere, tears came unexpectantly. I wasn’t sad at that moment or even recently, but something had released through the process of the ceremony I had created. Something unkown to me, but something my soul needed to let go of and I let it be washed away. Happy for the gifts I sent out and happy for the gift I had received back.