Join us for this mindful and interactive Forest Therapy session to boost immunity, bring you to your centre and balance circadian rhythms as we move into fall. Studies have shown this practice to create decreased [...]


Natures Obstacles


Yesterday, was a rainy, rather gloomy morning and as we began our trail walk, we were confronted with a rather large water obstacle. Flooded train in Fauna Forest We had never encountered this much water [...]

Natures Obstacles2020-09-25T12:50:04-06:00

Despacho Moon ceremony


Full Moon Ceremony What is it about creating ceremony that is so special? Well, Ceremony is the vehicle for creating change really. In simpler terms, it is a way to put your heart and mind [...]

Despacho Moon ceremony2020-09-25T12:50:04-06:00

Spices for a healthy gut


I have been on a quest of expanding my knowledge in the area of Ayurveda for some time now, but in particular these past few years since being diagnosed with colitis.  This year I stumbled [...]

Spices for a healthy gut2020-03-07T11:51:13-07:00

The unlikely Vision Quest


Many of you know me and my struggle with the chronic illness of colitis. Most of the time the immune suppressing medication I am on keeps things in check, but occasionally there is a glitch [...]

The unlikely Vision Quest2020-09-25T12:50:05-06:00