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It’s more than an escape – it’s an adventure!
Hike the trails and enjoy the fresh, clean air.


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There’s lots to do AND time to relax and read.

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‘Awareness’ tidbits for a healthy life.

Despacho Moon ceremony

Full Moon Ceremony What is it about creating ceremony that is so special? Well, Ceremony is the vehicle for creating change really. In simpler terms, it is a [...]

Join us for this mindful and interactive Forest Therapy session to boost immunity, bring you to your centre and balance circadian rhythms as we move into fall. Studies [...]

Natures Obstacles

Yesterday, was a rainy, rather gloomy morning and as we began our trail walk, we were confronted with a rather large water obstacle. Flooded train in Fauna Forest [...]

Nature is a great entertainer.

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Sunrise or sunset – nothing calms the mind like a quiet walk in the woods.

Remember how to play in the snow?



from our Guests:

Pure Awareness cabins sleep 4 people in each cabin for a total of 12. We have recently added 2 guest tipis that also sleep 4 each for a total of 20 people on site, plus a 3rd tipi for group facilitators.
There are four restaurants just 15 minutes down the road at the Village of Pigeon Lake. Catering is available for group events of 12 or more.
We encourage you to bring your own mat, but we do have some available as well as retail mats for sale.
We encourage you to disconnect and allow space to experience true connections instead. However, we can make it available for special situations.
Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, forest waking, biking, paddle boarding, massage, Reiki, relaxing in a hammock or sitting by the fire… all options are available on-site. There are also restaurants, shopping, honey mead tasting and tours, market gardens, antique stores, quilting stores, wagon rides, shooting range and golfing – all less than 20 minutes away.
Out of respect for other retreat guests, we encourage you to leave pets at home. Non retreat stays may allow pets, for an extra charge, but for the safety of the animal residents that live here, animals that have a tendency toward aggressive behaviour are best left at home.
“When was the last time you did something for the first time?”