It was Christmas eve, and It was a foggy, drive home from the city. The light was fading, and the trees were heavy with frost from the thick fog that  had hung around all day. It was like driving through a picturesque Christmas card all the way home. 

Deer are a common sight in our area,  but I have to say I had not noticed any for some time, so tonight seemed special as 3 deer stopped to stare at me on the side of the road, with the frosty trees as their background. “Santa’s reindeer”, I smiled to myself. 

This happened 2  more times before I arrived home. The last of them bounding off gracefully, stopping to look back at me, totalling 8 deer sighted over a short span of road.The fading light made the world appear to be cloaked in shades of blue and grey, and it made me smile even more as I thought of the warm feelings of imagination and anticipation of childhood Christmas’s.

That night at 4:00 AM, my dog woke me and insisted on going outside, which was unusual for him. As I opened the back door to let him out, I saw a brilliant streak of light in the northern sky. It was the brightest falling star I had seen in years! The timing so perfectly synced, as I would never normally be up and about at 4:00 AM and definitely not a time I am normally gazing at the northern sky. In that instant, the first thought that came to me was, “It’s Santa”! 

Ok, so I am not crazy, but after the picturesque deer sightings, and perhaps one too many Christmas movies before bed, I couldn’t help but make the connections and arrive at that thought, even if it was momentarily. It was a special “awe” moment, that gave me a warm feeling in my heart and brought a smile to my face, and made me forget I am a grown adult. For a moment I was that child who believed in magic. I think I was still smiling when I went back to bed.

So, no, I am not sharing this story to tell you all that I now believe in Santa Clause and his reindeer, but it was a very special reminder of the miracles that happen all around us every day. Signs nature puts in front of us, serendipity & coincidences we ignore, and brush off or don’t even notice because we are so wrapped up in our daily thoughts that are on repeat. Our “to do’s”, our “should have’s”, our “what if’s”. Rarely being in the present moment, rarely noticing the small miracles of nature and of this life we have been gifted to experience. Forgetting there is magic everywhere when we open ourselves up to limitless possibilities. 

I think this series of coincidences on this particular day were all there to remind me  that there is magic in every moment and in every day, if we just open ourselves up to possibility, it is all there for us to experience. 

What magic will you experience today?