Pure Awareness

Take time to make let you soul sing…

Revitalize your mind and body in a serene environment – with everything nature and yoga has to offer for renewing your balance from everyday stress. Whether you need a break from your day or are looking for a weekend escape, close to home, each retreat is a personal journey to your well-being.

Refresh. Reconnect. Rejuvenate. Relax.

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Find your balance and glide the pristine waters of Twin Lakes.

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Musings from the Pure Awareness perspective

Despacho Moon ceremony

Full Moon Ceremony What is it about creating ceremony that is so special? Well, Ceremony is the vehicle for creating change really. In simpler terms, it is a [...]

Join us for this mindful and interactive Forest Therapy session to boost immunity, bring you to your centre and balance circadian rhythms as we move into fall. Studies [...]

Natures Obstacles

Yesterday, was a rainy, rather gloomy morning and as we began our trail walk, we were confronted with a rather large water obstacle. Flooded train in Fauna Forest [...]

The unlikely Vision Quest

Many of you know me and my struggle with the chronic illness of colitis. Most of the time the immune suppressing medication I am on keeps things in [...]


With friends, family or escaping ‘solo’… schedule nature into your calendar (don’t forget the hot chocolate!)